The extract of licorice root

Today Licorice Kazakhstan LLP offers clients extract of licorice root (thick) - pasta. Latin name: Extractum radicis Glycyrrhizae spissum

Structure and Composition:

A dense mass of brown (dark brown) color, a weak peculiar smell, sugary-sweet taste.

Physical and chemical characteristics:

  • glycyrrhizic acid content of 18 or more% (HPLC);
  • humidity 32-38% (average 33%);
  • ash content of less than 4.5%;
  • insoluble substances less than 0.5%.


Polyethylene evrobochki capacity of 48 liters and a net weight of 60 kg of extract. Possible other packaging, according to customer request.

On the products have all necessary certificates.

The company is ready to expand the range of products liquorice considering requests and requirements of customers.