About company

«Licorice Kazakhstan» company was founded in 2006. We manufacture products liquorice, preserving the natural properties of this unique plant for customers.

The company successfully operating two key divisions:


collection and cultivation of licorice root

We have our own plantations licorice. In these areas, an area of over 30,000 hectares, with the indispensable care for the land, we produce and cultivate licorice. Independence from third-party suppliers allows more control over quality at the very first stages of raw material acquisition.

Productive sector


The technology used for producing an extract is aimed at preserving the biological activity of the active ingredients of licorice. processing modes are set and maintained by the automated SCADA control system. Extraction and evaporation is performed at reduced temperatures in the vacuum mode.

Premises, equipment and manufacturing processes have been designed and implemented in accordance with the requirements of international standards:

  • special materials in the construction and finishing of production facilities;
  • stainless steel standard pharmaceutical equipment;
  • water filtration and purification process for production of reverse osmosis;
  • filtering the extract using a separator Alfa Laval Swedish company;
  • automatic on-site equipment washing / cleaning (CIP);
  • Care staff and others.

All of the above gives us the right to talk about high-quality licorice extract, which produces LLP Licorice Kazakhstan.

Carefully using the natural resources of our nature to create high-quality products from the processing of licorice root, which has healing powers.

This is facilitated by two factors:

We have a responsibility to all who use and consume our products. Therefore, we strive to produce products of high quality liquorice and keep all his healing power.

We have a responsibility to its employees. Therefore, we strive to create favorable conditions for work and realizing the potential of their employees.

We are responsible to the community and their country. Therefore, we strive to maintain the good initiatives of the state and public organizations. We care about the environment, careful and rational use of natural resources.

From time immemorial, in the Ural River floodplain were big thickets of liquorice. Thanks to a century of experience and a random observations of our ancestors throughout the world have become known valuable medicinal properties of this plant. The ancient Greeks, for the treatment of patients buying licorice Scythians, and called it Scythian root".
More than a century ago, in the 1890s. Pfeil enterprising pharmacist, created the first in Uralsk processing plant liquorice. Cut and shredded root, tinctures and decoctions of it he sold to pharmacies across Russia and Central Asia.

The idea to process local raw materials, which is rich in our region, picked up a merchant Vengenrot. He opened the second licorice plant. This plant then wrote: "This is a well-equipped factory, having Liquorice department - the only large enterprise for the production of licorice." "T in Vengenrot and Ko» sold, cut and shredded root extract and licorice powder inside the country, in Europe and even in America.

«Currently, - wrote in 1916 a botanist Monteverde, - root collection is made on the steep banks of the Ural residents of villages Skvorkinskoy, Budarinsky and below to Kalmykovskoy. The root is bought by local shopkeepers on 1rub. 50 kopecks. Bought up the root of the shopkeepers carry Uralsk two existing plant there. The material for processing are well dried as not shelled and shelled licorice roots; last exposed to the secondary cleaning and sorting».

«In 1913 in the United States, France, England and other countries exported 28 thousand tons of licorice root» - He writes another Kazakh nerd.

Thus, Liquorice production was industry, which has historically been famous Urals. To recover the lost tradition of Kazakh supplies of liquorice on the world market, it was established LLP «Licorice Kazakhstan».